Times Industrial Material Co., LTD is a leading supplier for all kinds of insulating materials which are widely used for motors ,transformers and other electrical fields.

The products are : 

1. Insulating banding tapes                     2. Glass fiber rings            

3. PET Film                                             4. Mica products                

5. Epoxy glass laminated                        6. Insulating NMN            

7. Compress laminate wood                   8. PTFE Products             

9. Polyester fleece                                  10. Pultruded profile        

11. Adhesive tapes                                  12. Aramide paper          

13. PI Film                                               14. Insulating DMD        


 Our products are widely used in many fields, such as electronic, electrical, machinery, electric power, metallurgy, chemical engineering, aviation, aerospace and national defence.


We represent China's top manufacturers which have efficient management , quality assurance, flexibility and willingness of listening to customers for further improvement. All manufactures represented by us have obtained ISO9000 and ISO9002 certificates. We are always searching for new product lines. 

Combining our substantial sales volume worldwide and expertise serving different markets with strong backup from all producers, we achieve a strong position to provide our customers with satisfied service which contains the best price conditions, consistent quality assurance and the quick delivery time . After-sales-service is also provided to give customers a well-rounded service.

One of our major advantages is that we are not only provide standard products, but also more dedicated to supplying customized products based on customers' samples and drawing to meet their specific requirements.    

We are looking forward to being at your service and your partner. Please feel free to contact us directly.