Printable Polyimide Film


    Printable PI label

    High Temperature Resistant Barcode label

    Features: PI base material, acrylic adhesive, good adhesion, suitable for thermal transfer printing. After high temperature, no bubbles, without warped edge and deformation, erosion resistant to all kinds of chemicals.

    Applications: PCB circuit board SMT process using high temperature label.Suitable for the aviation, automotive, electronics, display, cables, power supply, product identification and mobile phone battery label.

    Temperature resistance:Stick a PCB upper oven(reflow soldering) 300~320/ 10mins.

    Stick at the bottom of the PCB board, after tin furnace(wave soldering) 300~320/1min.

    Printable PI film

    High temperature resistant tag


    Features: PI base material, the use of special surface coating processing, designed specifically for thermal thransfer printing, good temperature resistance. High tensile strength, tear resistance, friction resistance,scratch resistance, contamination resistance,excellent chemical solvents property.


    Applications: Used for metallurgical industry such as steel, aluminum products identifiable tracking ID in high temperature situation, to replace the traditional aluminim and iron steel industry.


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