As a kind of heat resistant insulating paper, Aramid Paper is mainly composed of the polyisophthaloyl metaphenylene diamine fiber. The variety of laminates processed from the insulating paper shall have the extremely high electric, chemical and mechanical integrity. The proper use of such products will extend the service life of the electric equipment and reduce the premature failure and the frequency of the maintenance. There is a great number of different types of the products mainly including the insulating paper and laminated board, which have the appropriate balance of performance and generally serve the transformers, electric motors, generators and other electric equipments.


    Aramid Paper have the following unique characteristics, making them the excellent electrical insulation materials: Dielectric Strength
    Aramid paper has good dielectric strength higher than 10KV/mm, and it can improve the dielectric strength of the product if immersed in the insulating varnish or resin.


    Thermal Stability
    The dielectric property and mechanical property of Aramid paper will keeps unchanged under the environment temperature lower than 200℃. Even at the temperature of 220℃, Aramid paper will also keep the properties unchanged for a long term.

    Mechanical Strength
    Aramid paper is smooth with good wear resistance, high tensile strength and tear strength, and easy for processing or shaping.


    Chemical Compatibility
    Aramid paper products remain stable in most of common solvents and the extreme resistance to the corrosion by acid, alkali and ketone. They are compatible with all types of insulating varnish, adhesive, transformer oil and other electrical equipment parts.


    Other Characters
    Moisture resistant, low-temperature resistant and radiation resistant etc.